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Technologies explained

Technologies explained


FREEVIEW offers up to 50 channels, no subscription and no fuss. Its easy to get too. Just check you are in coverage*, make a one off payment for your digital box or TV, plug it in and away you go.

* To check FREEVIEW coverage text your postcode and house number to 80560 or visit freeview.co.uk. e.g. NW96NY. costs no more than a normal text.


Stunning High Definition TV is now abailable with FREEVIEW. Enjoy the most popular HD line up straight away with channels such as BBC HD, ITV HD and Channel 4 HD or S4C Clirlun (in Wales). It couldn't be easier to get FREEVIEW HD, just make sure you are in an area with coverage* and simply buy a box and plug it in, or get a TV with FREEVIEW HD Built-in.


Digital Approved Product has a intergrated digital tuner. A digital TV allows you to watch digital channels now and after the digital switchover.


All our TVs are now HD ready, featuring 1366 x 768 resolution for superb picture quality.


Full HD 1080p 1920 x 1080 resolution for astonishingly clear detailed picture. To enjoy access to HDTV services and/or a Blu-ray disc player or game consule.


High-Definition Media Interface for easy connectivity to your Blu-ray, games console and other HDMI devices. The best cable connection for high-quality pictures and sound.


LCD TVs offer a wide variety of screen sizes (up to 60"), and vibrant images. The pixel structure of LCD TV screens that they offer a very sharp image, ideal for gaming.

LCD TVs are brilliant all rounders that respond well to every type of television viewing. They are perfect to gaming and using with your computer.

LED backlight TVs

TVs with LED backlight technology offer enhanced colour and contrast. LED backlight LCD TVs use a new way of lighting the screen, which means they can be made super-slim and deliver bright, vibrant colours. They are available in all sizes. LED TVs backlight cutting edge technology is used to make TVs as slim as 3cm and are perfect for wall-mounting, brighter rooms and a top quality home cinema experience.


Watch your favourite movie moments in true Full High Definition with superior high resolution Surroung Sound. Blue-ray is the successor to DVD, offering HD pictures and sounds thanks to the large capacity of a Blu-ray disc. The higher capacity of Blu-ray disc means that you can enjoy movies in HD while keeping your DVD collection thanks to backward compatibility. Blu-ray is the best way to make the most of your 1080p HD TV, giving you the full HD picture experience. Blu-ray also offers HD sound due to the large capacity of a Blu-ray disc. This large capacity means that you can enjoy movies in full surround sound as true home cinema set-ups demand the latest sound formats that only Blu-ray cann offer.


The DVD video logo is shown where a TV or unit has a built-in DVD player. A TV with built-in DVD player is a real space-saving solution, perfect for bedrooms and kitchens.


Digital Video Broadcasting


Smooths on-screen motion; ideal for sports and action-movie fans and also exceptionally god when playing game consoles. You will experience reduced blur and judder which ensures that your HD images are clear and stable at all times, creating an image as good as your local cinema.

USB connection

Some TVs allow you to view photos, movies or listen to digital music. Other Tvs alow you to record programmes directly to USB stick or hard drive.