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Blu Ray DVD Player

Blu Ray DVD Player

blu-ray-logoThe Blu-ray DVD Player lets you enjoy HD films at a new level of picture customization. Advanced Blu-ray playback technology gives you crisp, clear images, while added picture quality adjustment lets you set sharpness and noise reduction to you liking. HDMI™ v1.3 lets you experience richer colors, while the Dolby® Digital Plus and Dolby® Digital TrueHD compatibility completes the HD experience. It’s the perfect centerpiece to your media environment, providing the features you need for a fulfilling entertainment experience!

dolby-digital-truehd-logoDolby® Digital Plus and Dolby® Digital TrueHD
Immerse yourself in sound. The Blu-ray Disc Player support the new Dolby Digital Plus Audio format – the next generation in sound. It supports uncompressed PCM Audio and Legacy Dolby Digital. Dolby® Digital TrueHD is Dolby’s next generation lossless technology developed for high-definition disc-based media. Dolby TrueHD delivers tantalizing sound that is bit-for-bit identical to the studio master, unlocking the true high-definition entertainment experience on next generation discs. When coupled with high-definition video, Dolby TrueHD offers an unprecedented home theatre experience that lets you enjoy sound equally as stunning as the high-definition picture.

CD & DVD Compatible

The Blu-ray DVD Player offers state of the art viewing with CD and DVD playback compatibility. Even as you take advantage of the latest video and audio advances, you can still enjoy all your existing media content. It features full backward compatibility, the perfect way to enjoy all your favorites!

1080p with 24Hz Video Output

View scenes as they were meant to be seen. The Blu-ray movie title’s original source (1080p/24Hz) output means you’ll enjoy the film in exactly the same picture quality it was shot in.


Experience richer color and sound the Blu-ray DVD Player offers HDMI v1.3 which enables broader bandwidth AV data transmission. It supports deep color, higher resolution and new compressed audio formats.


  • Blu-ray playback at original HD resolution of 1080p / 1080i / 720p
  • Selectable DVD upscaling (720p / 1080i / 1080p)
  • HDMI Socket – Version 1.3
  • Dolby® Digital DTS, Dolby® TrueHD & MPEG2 decoding
  • Compatible with BD, BD-ROM, BD-R, DVD, DVD+R/RW/DL, CD, MP3, WMA & JPEG discs
  • Optical digital & coaxial digital audio outputs
  • Component & composite video output
  • 2CH surround sound output
  • Progressive scan
  • On Screen Display in English, French & Spanish