Our mission

Our aim is to provide our customers with an excellent one stop source for consumer electronics. Cutting out the middleman and dealing directly with the producer, enables our customers to offer the latest trending technology at market leading prices. Coupled with excellent quality, packaging, and market knowledge, we provide products that drive volume sales. Our team at Akura pride themselves in meeting individual International purchasing requirements for all your business needs.

All this is backed with full overseas inspection and a UK after sales support team, to deliver customer service to you and the end user.

Akura’s customer

In the UK the Akura Group offers its product range to any customer who is capable of buying in full container loads. This can be on a direct import letter of credit basis, or delivered direct to depot as per your delivery requirements. This can be under the Akura brand, or the customers own label.

Akura’s strategic intent

  • Ability to supply what the modern retailer needs to succeed, working together to deliver your plans.
  • Understand your strategy.
  • Appreciate the challenges that you face.
  • Enhance your market share through volume sales.
  • Continually review and monitor the market, identifying new opportunities.

Meeting the need of your business

Akura offer you the retailer the opportunity to sell goods under our labels, or under your own brand

  • Ranged Product
    – Value perception through opening price points.
  • Seasonal / Event Activity
    – Planned in store promotions e.g. Christmas, World Cup, summer holidays, back to college, Olympics etc..
  • Hero Deals
    – revenue drivers for ‘one off’ promotions.
  • National Promotional Offers
    – Press / flyer supported campaigns

Company history

The Akura Group has been in existence in the European market place since 1990 initially selling a range of colour television, video and audio products.

The Akura Group has very strong financial backing from its parent company, which has a diverse range of interests worldwide.

Highly experienced in sourcing from International markets, with extensive knowledge giving the Akura Group enormous flexibility on the supply of its ranges.

The product portfolio is kept deliberately tight in order to offer volume related products to the FMCG sector. This enables the group to be highly competitive on price without compromising quality or value.

Technical support and after sales service

For the UK market place Akura Limited has its own dedicated technical team for full product evaluation and development, whilst utilising Key Electronics Limited for all its after sales service.

Spare parts for all products are held centrally in the UK for distribution on behalf of the Akura Group.

In Turkey the Akura Group utilises a third party inspection company based in Istanbul operating in the Turkish market inspecting a diverse product range including colour televisions, DVD, and refrigeration products for import and retail customers EC wide. The company’s inspectors are visiting the factories supplying the products on a continuous basis and provide valuable feedback to the Akura Group and its technical partners.

In the Far East the company also utilises the services of an outside technical and inspection company based in Hong Kong with offices throughout the Far East including Shenzen and Shanghai. This company has a substantial importer and retailer customer base worldwide, offering technical and inspection support for colour televisions, DVD players, VCR’s, major and portable audio products together with refrigeration products, microwave ovens and the full range of small appliances.

WEEE directive

Reg No. PRN: WEE/KB0058TS

In accordance with the WEEE Directive that came into force on the 1st July 2007, Akura are fully compliant and registered with the Environment Agency as a "Producer" of EEE.

The main purposes of the WEEE Directive are to make the "Producer" (the manufacturer, importer or brand owner) financially responsible for the disposal of their own products, encouraging them to make the products more environmentally friendly. But also to remove electronic goods from the general waste streams so that their components can be recycled where possible, or disposed of safely where necessary.

The Directive also seeks to improve the environmental performance of all operators involved in the life cycle of electrical and electronic equipment, the producers, distributors and consumers, and in particular, those operators directly involved in the treatment of waste electrical and electronic equipment.

If you would like further information on the WEEE Directive, our compliance to the legislation, or anything else, please do not hesitate to contact us.